Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm still learning to PAINT!

So, I guess you're just supposed to put your art on a sketch-blog? I guess all I have to say about this is that I started attempting to teach myself how to paint again. This painting was made for a show at The Hive Gallery that was in April. It is supposed to be an Avatar from Hiveland, which was created by the guys who run The Hive Gallery. I was hooked up with the chance to put a piece in the show through Girls Drawin Girls. I took the opportunity to try to teach myself to calm down and flush out some details and work on texture and blending. Its a start. And yes that's a penis.

I did this for my own show at Pehrspace. It opened on May 10th and it will be up until June 11th. Its a group show called "Too F#&%*N' CUTE" It was painted on a plaque I found at a garage sale. I wanted it to be what it was when I found it but with a new painting on it. I wanted it to be something you would put in your kid's bedroom. The photo quality of the following artwork pretty much sucks. I hope to scan stuff after the show comes down.

I sold My Cickee-Duckee

This is Bunny...

This is PussyPuss

It was a fun show... There are a ton more peices to see. I will try post everyone else's stuff too! If anyone has any painting techniques they want to share, please do. I am having fun learning.

I think I may do this blog thing. It seems everyone is doing it, so I suppose I will. One day when I get my shit together I might actually post.